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Highly Invisually Code (HiCode) is to generate an image embedding picture whatever you like and keep your promotional materials beautiful.

Head Office

3901 N. First Street,
San Jose, California 95134, USA.
Tel: (408)705-7572
Email: contact@spimag.com

Xiamen Branch

Merged into the Digital Media Content Security Research Group of Xiamen University.
Email: contact@spimag.com


A Scannable Image Code Company

We not only focus on creating lastest technology but also offer best lighting solutions for our customers to meet sustainable economic growth and social deveplopment. At SiPLED, Inc. (abbr. SiPLED), we aim to satisfy customers with various lighting need. We strive to deliver quality service with speedy turnaround time, while ensuring better value for money than any of our competitors.


Shaoher Pan

President of SPIMAGe Inc.

Dr. Shaoher Pan is the Founder & CEO of SiPLED with more than 35 years LED R&D experience. He is the Ph.D. in Physics of The City University of New York and MBA of Santa Clara University. In the early years, he served as the research scientist of USA IBM, the senior manager of Applied Materials, the president of SECA and The Society for Information Display. Dr. Shaoher Pan has more than 60 publications in International Technical Journals, 65 global invention patents approved by United States Patent Office and more and more global invention patents approved by China Patent Office. Dr. Shaoher Pan has won the first class National Technology Awards for our high-end LED emitters in 2014.

Wei Huang

Product Manager, Associate Professor, Xiamen University

Dr. Wei Huang is the product manager of the HiCode research in the coorperation with SPIMAGe Inc. He is the associate professor in Xiamen University. In 2013, he recieved the Ph.D. degree in information security of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Wei Huang studied information hiding for more than 10 years.


Students of Huang's Research Group in Xiamen University

The key members are listed as follows:

  • Android Application: Qianpei Guan, Bolin Chen;
  • IOS Application: Kaihua Huang;
  • Background Worker: Hongjie Ye;
  • Web Page: Xingyi Gao;
  • Algorithm: Zehao Yu, Shengsen Wu, Wei Huang, Hongjie Ye, Sibo Liang;
  • Test: Heyu Cui.

California, USA.


Xiamen, China


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