SiPLED, Inc. is a USA-based developer and manufacturer of LED lighting located in the center of Silicon Valley. It was founded by veterans from technology companies such as IBM, Intel, Applied Materials and other major global LED manufacturers. Join us and so on

Image processing algorithm research


Using MATLAB to develop algorithms, preliminary tests on parameter and tuning


1. Bachelor degree or above, majored in CS or SE

2. Proficient in the MATLAB programming language, are familiar with modeling and simulation algorithms

3. Good English reading and writing ability, good analytical skills

Algorithm implementation


Translate the results to OpenCV code from the research group, further testing and tuning


1. Master of C/C++/MATLAB programming language, familiar with the Android NDK development

2. Good communication skills and team spirit, positive attitude and strong curiosity

Web services development


Using the LAMP(Linux Apache+MySQL+PHP) schema to develop the cloud services, security of access server response time with the increase


1. Proficient in PHP, are familiar with Linux, and cloud platform

2. Familiar with JS frameworks, AJAX, JQuery, and other Web related technologies

3. Familiar with PHP+C under Linux hybrid programming

UI designer


App interface design, Web interface design


1. Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphics software, able to complete the static Web and app interface design

2. Familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and other Web technologies

3. High aesthetic ability and great graphic design and Web design capabilities

4. Keen observation of the user experience, with innovative spirit

California, USA.


Xiamen, China


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